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I am really pleased with my final packaging designs. I think I have managed to update the products look while still maintaining some reference to Chinese culture. I did way more research in this project and I think this really influenced my final designs. The shrink wrap label includes the heads from the terracotta army and the label design is inspired by a Chinese illustration and almost reminds me of the patterns found on China. I feel much more confident in using Illustrator after this project too, and feel that my work is of a higher standard. I enjoyed learning about packaging design in my research and feel much more knowledgable now about branding. The main thing I found difficult was managing my study time, I managed to get it in by the deadline which I was pleased with, and I dont think the design has been compromised in any way but I would like to not have to rush so much at the end of the project! So in the future, I will make a project timetable before hand and stick to it. I am pleased with my outer packaging and after an extension, where I was able to make some changes, I think that the box with the sleeve looks really good and suggests that this is a special product.


This is my final piece for my Neil Spiller inspired work. It was made from printed and scanned images of his work that I then made into an architectural 3D final piece and photographed using different coloured filters. I then manipulated four of these photographs in Photoshop to get the finished outcome. In Photoshop I used a number of different filters. All of them have been given a gradient and have been distorted using the Spherize too and I have adjusted the lighting of them as well. I like how this gives them a dream like effect and makes you feel almost like you’re standing in them; I think this matches the abstract aspect of Spiller’s own work. To give each of them a slight variation other than just in colour, I have added different effects to each using tools such as Difference Clouds, Noise and Fibres.