Unit 43 Brief


Kombucha is a traditional health drink enjoyed by the Emperors of The Ancient Chinese Qin Dynasty of 221BC. It is made from filtered spring water, green tea, black tea, raw cane sugar and organic Kombucha cultures comprising live beneficial bacteria. It is currently being sold as an up market organic drink in a 750ml wine bottle and is designed to mimic the qualities of fashionable wine brands. The company intends to relaunch the drink in a smaller 330ml bottle in pubs and clubs, as well as large supermarket chains, as a healthy alternative to the sugar heavy brands like Red Bull and Relentless.


I need to produce two different designs for Kombucha in a standard 330ml bottle. Each design should follow a different visual approach with one using an adhesive label and the other a full bottle shrink sleeve (allowing the design to cover the entire bottle.) I must also design and produce working models of a special launch promotional gift box for one of the two designs.

Specific Requirements and Restrictions

The brief asks for a redesign of the Kombucha product, but the company still wants to retain some visual links to its Chinese heritage. However, this doesn’t mean including some tacky graphics of dragons or koi and doesn’t mean I need to use the colours red or gold; I need to find a way of presenting its Chinese heritage in a modern way. To do this I need to research Chinese art and design, and have a look at some packaging for Chinese products that are already on the market. I would also like the have a look at the history of tea in china, to see if theres any elements of this I can use in my project, but bring the overall look up to date. One of the labels has to be a shrink wrap, which allows me to use much more space for my design, and to create graphics that can wrap around the entire bottle. The other has to be a standard label, so I need to find a way to make this visually interesting in a much smaller area. I then have to make a box that I will put one of my designs onto, so I will need to give at least one of the designs a look that can be translated onto a rectangular box.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Know about the construction of graphics for 3D applications.
  2. Be able to explore how surface graphics can be applied to 3D applications.
  3. Understand the practical constraints of graphics for 3D applications.
  4. Be able to present own graphic design work for 3D applications.

Project Timetable

Week 1

8.45-10.45: General introduction to packaging. Exploring card construction of simple boxes. Measuring objects and altering nets.

11.00-1.00: Briefing to main project.

Week 2

8.45-1.00: Exploration and development of ideas.

Week 3

8.45-1.00: Development of ideas.

Week 4

8:45-1.00: Continuing development of ideas.

Week 5

8.45-1.00: Development of work

Week 6

8.45-10.45: Continuing Development of work.

11.00-1.00: Mouting and presentation of work.

Week 7

8.45-1.00: Submission of all work at start of the session. Research for next porject.


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