Kombucha Packaging

I decided to have a look at Kombucha products that are already on the market to see if there are any that follow a more modern design as all I’ve seen so far are drinks with quite outdated or boring packaging. This is what I found:

The two designs above are both quite simple and look very similar to other Kombucha products available. They wouldnt particularly stand out as something I would want to buy, although they do resemble bottles of wine so I suppose they do appear as an alternative to an alcoholic beverage. I don’t really like the choice of font on either of them, I think the Kombucha Cordial is too small and it doesn’t really suggest anything. The type used for Go! Kombucha reminds me of the design of packaging for supplements you can take when working out. I do like that the Kombucha Cordial includes a chinese style illustration around the neck, but it doesn’t seem included into the design enough.

The packaging above is for Clearly Kombucha. I quite like the design of these in that they’re simple and modern but eye-catching. I think the packaging suggests they’re aimed at a younger audience, they wouldn’t look out-of-place next to ‘alcopops’ with their colourful, reflective label. This is probably the most different design I’ve seen, especially in that it doesn’t really suggest anything about chinese culture at all, so this obviously wouldn’t be right for our brief, but I do like how they’ve moved away from more traditional designs and would like to have the same approach with my packaging.

I really like the packaging for Kombucha Wonder Drink, the design is modern yet is recognisable as having a Chinese origin, the shapes look quite oriental and the font used for the flavours features flicks and long ascenders seen in Chinese writing, but it is glaringly obvious or too traditional, it just provides a nice little peak into its history, yet still retains a contemporary feel.  

This is packaging for Kombucha Brooklyn. While I’m not particularly fond of the logo, I really like the natural look of the design. The blurred ink in the background suggests the flavours, while also hinting at Chinese culture with the link to ink paintings. If you look really closely there is also faint chinese text at the bottom of the label. I like how this design and the previous design includes these little things without being in your face, and is something I would like to achieve in my own design.

I have also done some research into the Qin Dynasty where kombucha is said to originate from to see if there is anything I can incorporate into my design. I found that a terracotta army was made depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang that are meant to protect his tomb after he died. Kombucha is called the ‘elixir of life’ so I thought I could use this army in some way suggesting that kombucha has kept them alive to protect the emperor. However, I think this could look quite cheesy or maybe too traditional – I’m still finding it quite difficult to move away from the typical designs and make something more modern while still suggesting chinese culture. I think I now really need to play around with some ideas and see where it leads.


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