Alternative Movie Poster Research

Following on from my last research where I looked at mainstream film posters, in our last lesson we looked at alternative designs that would probably be more suited for an arthouse film. At the start of the lesson, Chris introduced us to a designer called Jason Munn, most of his posters are promoting music, but the minimal style and clever little features he used could be translated into my designs, his website even features a few of posters for films incuding Bonnie and Clyde and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (below.) His work is extremely simple on appearance, but the designs are so clever and actually fairly complex, using images that hint at what the subject is about to create one overall image, that they dont need to feature much else.

I then looked on Pinterest and Ffffound for inspiration. One of the first things I came across on ffffound was this poster, not a film poster, but an advertisement for RAM trucks. The image looks like a lino print and the overall look is quite vintage – I like how it consists of only a few colours and I think this technique looks quite handmade and fits well with the look of independant/art house films. I’m not sure about creating a poster using lino printing though, as when we were practising this technique last year I found it quite difficult, and obviously I would like my poster to look at tidy as possible! However, this look can be achieved on illustrator, but I think it may look less authentic if its created digitally? 

I quite liked this vintage look so following on from this I had a look for vintage film posters on pinterest. I found this poster from 1963 for a film called Frigo. The design sort of looks like a collage and I like the simple shapes, and again the limited colours. Though their actually old, I think some vintage posters actually look quite minimalist and modern with their paired down designs, I suppose because for a while mainstream design as a whole has been quite maximilist, but recently a more simple approach is beginning to be adopted again.

This can be seen in this vintage polish film poster below, in that though its probably years apart from Jason Munn’s designs, they are really quite similar.

This is another poster that features a collage sort of design. The poster is for Krets Film Festival and features a series of eyes, made by what looks like layers of cut out paper. Its quite simple, but interest is given in the deep colours contrasted by a pale background and again I like the handmade feel of a non-digitally produced image. 

Below is an alternative poster for the film Paul that like the RAM poster features a limited colour palette, but in a modern way, showing that a design like this created digitally could still look quite effective, although I feel that it no longer has the same authentic, handmade appeal. Again, I like that the illustrations are quite simplified; blocks of colour have been used to create light and shade and there isn’t too much detail.

This is a set of three posters for the film Back To The Future. Each poster features a part of a car that makes up a whole when put together. The illustration in this one is much more complex than the poster above, but the addition of white space allows for a more simple overall look and lets the title stand out rather than compete with the detailed image. Focus is placed onto the car by making the architectural backgrounds all one colour.

This is a film poster for a short film that features another quite complex illustration that seems to be made up of quite geometric shapes and clean lines. I like the design of this, especially the simple colours and how it still remains quite simple with the use of a simple typeface – it manages to not look too fussy despite the fact that the illustration is quite busy.

Finally this poster is from the film Drive. The film is quite mainstream, but I’ve seen the film and the techniques and story seems much more complex and unique than the usual hollywood films – this is reflected in this overly simple poster that is quite unusual for a well known film. The poster features only a block of information in a very small font and then the films title in the form of a neon light on a white wall. There is another version of this poster with a black background where the light is turned on. I really like this design, it’s simple with hints of elements included in the film.


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