Project Proposal

The theme or ideas that I am going to investigate in my project is computer art. I would like to create a sculptural piece using digital techniques.

The intention of my work is that I would like to create a sculptural piece using digital mediums. I would like to explore site specific artwork, but perhaps also produce something that means something personal to me. I want to create something in a graphic way, but that is not for the purpose of commercial use.

My work will be mainly computer based for the final piece, but I will be using paper/sketchbooks for planning.

I will use a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop as these will allow me to digitally create images and manipulate them to create my final piece.

For my final piece I hope to create a digitally produced sculpture that is made to fit into a certain environment.

I will create my work digitally and then my final piece will be printed. The sculpture will be digitally presented in a certain environment, this could be a gallery or perhaps an outside space and will be determined by my planning and research.

I will research site specific art as well as the work of Richard Serra, Henry Moore, Anthony Caro and Donald Judd. I am more interested in modern and abstract scluptures than the more detailed and realistic sculptures.


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