Unit 40 Brief

Typographic and Layout Design


For a publisher, the best magazine is the one that sells the most. Just by looking at the racks in the newsagents you can see what the majority of publishers believe sells magazines. In short, a magazine publisher will try as many different ways to get you to buy, but few will use good design. As up to 40% of a magazines circulation depends on the cover, it is the part of the magazine that is most closely controlled, more often than not by the motive for profit, rather than any aesthetic ambition. For a designers, the best magazine cover is one that captures the imagination, reflects the message of the content and supports a lasting identity that can be remembered and identified from all the rows of happy smiling faces on the shelves.


Create designs for the new look design Architectural Review magazine. You must produce two front cover designs showing how the design will realte to a series. One of the covers must feature a lead article of tthe revival of a historical architectural period. You must also produce one double page feature spread, the title and nature of your feature should reflect the subject of one of the two covers. No advertising. You must use text from an exisiting article on a similar theme – no dummy copy. Your design must use a minimum of three pages, incorporate the title and use the five column grid as specified left. Rules, blocks and other graphic devices are allowed but use them sparingly. It is expected that your design will make use of white space. Start with thumbnail sketches and progress to hald size comps for development and refinement. You must use Adobe InDesign CS2 to create this work.

Learning Outcomes

1.Understand typographix and layout conventions used in the work of others.

2. Know terminology used within typographic and layout design.

3. Be able to use computers and other media to develop typographic and layout designs.

4. Be able to evaluate own typographic and layout design outcomes.


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