Typographic Test Prints


12pt, Times New Roman, Auto Leading: On screen, this looked completely fine, but once printed the size was obviously too big. This shows the importance of doing test prints after changes are made because on screen your sense of proportion can be completely off.


9.5pt, Caslon, Auto: We then changed the size to 9.5, this looked quite a bit better in terms of size, but was maybe still a bit too big.


9.5pt, Caslon, Italic: This looks okay in italic, but you wouldn’t want to read a whole page like this, italic is usually best for just small pieces of text or information.


9.5, Caslon, 16pt Leading: Large amounts of text appear easier to read with a higher leading as it gives the design breathing space and looks far less cramped than the previous tests.


8pt, Times New Roman, Auto and 8pt, Gill Sans, Auto: This was to see the variation is sizes in fonts when they are at the same point size. Here Times New Roman seems slightly bigger and easier to read.


8pt, Gill Sans, Auto, Justified: When making magazine articles, justified text makes for a much cleaner design. The gap left after the end of each paragraph allows the reader to see when the next paragraph begins.


4pt Indent: Adding an indent to the start of a paragraph is another way of letting the reader see where a new paragraph begins. However, here it seems to break the clean, justified line.


Return Line Space: A return space can be used to show paragraphs, but here I think it looks too messy as the space seems far too big.


2mm Paragraph Space: I think this space works much better as it is just enough to define each paragraph, but doesn’t break up the overall design.


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