Final Outcomes

My opinion on my final designs goes into more depth in the evaluation submitted at the end of this project.

Shrink Wrap Design, Packaging Net and Box

I’m pleased with the way this design turned out. I like the inclusion of graphics inspired by the terracotta army; it gives a visual link to Chinese culture, but in a suptle way. I think the design could be improved by making the white Chinese text more visible, as it is it blurs too much into the background. I had wanted to make a different box, with more interest on the inside in the form of repeated graphics of the terracotta army heads, but I should have allowed more time for me to do this, so I had to create a more simple design, which still works but I personally feel it could have been more special.

Label Design, Front and Back

Out of the two, I think this is my favourite design, I’m really please with how it turned out and I feel that I have achieved the expectations I had of this design at the beginning of the process. I like the reference to Chinese culture, but I think it shows it without looking tacky or as Chris says, too twee. I also like the colours I have chosen, I had originally chosen more traditional Chinese colours, but I think this works much better and helps to keep the image up to date and modern. I think I feel a bigger sense of accomplishment with this design because of the hours I spent trying to make each little part of the overall image! But despite the hard work I still really enjoyed making it. I think if I had more time, and had to choose an aspect of it that I would like to improve, I would experiment more with the font, to try and give it the best possible legibility.


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