Unit 34 Brief


Image manipulation is relevant to all aspects of art and design. Image manipulation skills are highly sough in media and graphic industries. Digital-based design and production is firmly established within the skills requirements for many graphic design positions.

Art house films are generally serious, with complex or intense themes that do not conform to the excepted ‘Hollywood Blockbuster’ format. They will often use unknown actors and can be much more adventurous in their stylistic treatment. They are usually shown in independent movie theatres rather than at the multiplex and their aficionados are usually well educated and demanding in their visual entertainment.


I have to design two different posters for an unfilmed movie. I don’t have the luxury of famous actors, not images of location, period or visual style. My task is to provide a credible promotional tool to enable the film-makers to generate the income in order to realise their idea. Normally, there would be access to a script and directors notes , but for this project all that is available is the title of the film. Mine is called Seeing Around Corners.

The following information must feature on the poster design:

 Spurious Films, Curiously Bright Entertainment, and Channel 4 present an 02 Filmes production, Your Film Title, By Your Name, Director of Photography Heloisa Passos, Edited by Pedro Kos, Music by Max Richter, Executive Producer Fernando Meirelles, Produced by Hank Levine, Directed by João Jardim & Karen Harley, http://www.your filmtitle.com. Logos, credits and graphics that can be found on Learn must also be included.  


Week 1 Introduction to movie posters – presentation and starting research
Week 2 Assigning film titles and brainstorm possibilities. Continuing research.
Week 3 Briefing. Discussing ideas and establishing some experimental direction.
Week 4 Sketches, ideas and initial visuals
Week 5 Development of work
Week 6 Preparing images and typographic files
Week 7 Digital manipulation
Week 9 Development of work
Week 10 Development of work
Week 11 Completion of all work
Week 12 Presentation of final work. Deadline and submission.
Week 13 Assessment. Student research for next project.
Week 14 Assessment Feedback.

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