Like I said in my last post, the deadline for this project was extended, so I have been able to make a few minor changes to my finished pieces. In my label design, it was just a case of changing some of the text. In my original, I had used a O instead of an 0 in the list of ingredients, oops! So this was changed, and I also got rid of a full stop on the back label that Chris said wasn’t needed because it wasn’t a proper sentence and it made the design look kind of messy and odd. I also felt that the legibility of the product name wasn’t good enough, so I have experimented with taking deeper colours from the rest of the design and I think this helps it to stand out much better.

I also changed the O on my shrink wrap design. As well as this, I changed the colour of the chinese text because it just wasn’t working in the white as you could barely see it! I think when you’re zoomed in to a design and working so close up, you don’t notice these things, so this has taught me how important it is to keep zooming out and to do some test prints!

I have then designed an alternative box. The nets for this are below. Inside the box is a the pattern of the heads repeated on a red background. The outside of the box will remain white, and has a sleeve to go around it with the same design that is on the bottle.


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