Magazine Research

I like how the covers of these magazines are designed to allow for any image, as the text is quite separate and the design is simple and not overpowering. I don’t really like the pink stripe though! In the second image, I think its clever how the photograph and type is placed together, it shows that they don’t have to be limited by each other. I like the simple design of the double page spread with lots of white space and the text that looks quite light and elegant on the page.

I like the design of this cover for how simple it is, with only a photograph and the magazine name. I think in mine though, I would like to try adding some sort of a contents so that I have more to work with. I think this works well at looking quite unisex, I’d say the font could be slightly more feminine, but used in this way it appeals to both men and women. As for the double page spread, other spreads in this magazine share a similar format, but using different typefaces for the titles gives each of them a slightly different look and suggests the feeling of the piece. I also like the use of a full bleed image, and obviously the use of lots of white space.

The double page spread here shows examples of ways images can be overlapped. I dont particularly like how the text has been laid out though, there seems to be no sense of heirarchy and just from glancing at it, I can’t tell where the starting point is supposed to be. On the cover, which is obviously very feminine, I like the bold title and image that includes some hand drawn typography.

I think I like parts of this cover the least out of the others here, because I personally feel that the title looks a bit stuck in the corner and isn’t well balanced with the striking photograph. I do like how a contents has been included down the side though. The layout of the text used in the double page spreads is quite unusual how ones wrapped round the other, although it doesn’t made it harder to read but I think I prefer just simple columns. I think its interesting though how the photographs on the next page sort of reflect the shape of the text.

The cover is this magazine works well because the black and white colours would likely look good next to any image,and because the text is separate from the picture, there isn’t the problem of trying to fit the two together without taking the focus away from particular areas. I also quite like how the issue number is made to be an important feature and that the features are displayed in a simple way, but that still attracts attention. I also like the way the spreads look, they allow for lots of breathing space, and the text is layed out in a way that doesn’t look intimidating, but is balanced enough against the images. The top article is about music,and the typography on the left page creates a visual representation of the flow of music. I hadn’t thought to experiment with typography to convey a message in my own design, but this is something I would now like to consider.

I liked this magazine for the design of its infographics that are seen throughout. The style of it is consistant throughout and uses the same set of colours and fonts. I like this approach, but I think this could make the use of photographic images difficult as the dynamic of a photograph can effect how the rest of the design looks and feels. Frogs seem to be used a lot in their articles, I think this is a nice idea – to have something associated with the magazine appear in the designs.

Shown here is the front and back covers of an issue of Nevertheless magazine. I like this because of the simple design and layout. All information needed, other than the barcode on the back, is placed within a white circle which means almost anything could probably be used on the covers and would still look good. This is something I have to try to achieve in my project and is why we have to create two different front covers – so that our design is able to work with a lots of different images, and still look good and inviting.

This design caught my eye because of the way the text fits around the image and how the image fades into the white space. Because the picture has a lot going on, I think this helps to bring everything together, stopping the text from feeling lost on the page. The bold header allows for a heirarchy within the different pieces of text, and the way it is positioned, to me, mirrors the shape of the skeletal mammoths head.

I really like the cover for this magazine as it includes information about the features, but in a much sleeker way than if it were to be all over the page in huge text. I like the use of white space, but I think it looks less interesting than some of the other covers here. In my own designs I think I’d like the image to take up the entire page, like in some of the magazines above. I like the simple header and folios at the top of the page too, as well as the way bold fonts have been used in places to balance out the design and images.


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