Development of Ideas

When I began thinking ideas for graphics for my posters I couldn’t think of any ideas just off the top of my head, so I thought it would be best to expand on the ideas I came up with in my mind map and think of possible storylines. I tried to think of more than one genre and came up with Romance, Action, Thriller and Sci Fi. Although I liked the romance and sci-fi ideas best, I felt I should experiment with some drawings first because the better stories might not necessarily mean good ideas for graphics. I struggled to think of ways to incorporate corners into my designs. For both action and thriller I used a labyrinth to sort of reflect this idea and for sci-fi I literally used a corner that is meant to show the corner of the universe (in my actual design I want it to look like there is a flash of light behind this, but couldn’t work out how to draw in on paper!) For romance I used a line and thought it could either be a trail of a gunshot, a break in the middle of a heart or just somewhere for the text to flow on. For the one with the text, I still used a gun and like the idea of the letters exploding away from the shot, with maybe bleeding love hearts coming off this too. I then chose to expand on the romance, sci-fi and thriller ideas, as I liked action the least. In case its hard to see, the action idea is supposed to be two people in a labyrinth, with a gun shot firing through a timer in the centre.

Here is a bigger version of my original thriller idea. It’s supposed to be the stalkers head with a labyrinth inside his mind and a reflection of the main character in his glasses. When I started this idea, I like the idea of making it look like a collage, like the Frido poster in my research. But I decided more could maybe be added to the image and liked the idea of using a skull to symbolise death. The outcome of this is below.

I like this idea better as it gives more information about the story and I think just looks much more interesting. For this design, I want the skull to be in the bottom half of the page, to allow for the title and other information above this.

This is an idea for a sci-fi poster. It’s quite similar to my initial idea, except that I’ve used earth as the planet in the eye instead and made the pupil look like some sort of colliding planet or asteroid. I like this idea but if I was to pick this as one of my final designs, I’d want to experiment with how I incorporate the corner into it because I don’t feel happy with where it is at the moment.

This is also quite similar to one of my original romance ideas, except that I’ve made the love heart the pupil instead, and used the title as eyelashes. I like this idea but I’m not sure that its interesting enough. I had thought of adding a reflection to the eye, maybe of the couple with the backs turned, so if I choose this as one of my final designs, I’ll have to experiment with this some more once I’m on the computer.

Finally, I would like to experiment further with this design, where the type explodes aorund the gun shot. I think I need to get onto illustrator to do this though, because I’m struggling on to do it on paper and would like to have a look at possible typefaces I could use.

In terms of the style of my designs, prompted by my research for my contextual studies project, I would like them to have the look of old book covers like those above.


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