Experimenting With Image Transfer Techniques

These are image transfers onto fabric using pva. The one on the right didn’t turn out very well as when I used a damp cloth to remove the paper, I some how removed most of the image without realising. I think I was scrubbing the image to hard, and maybe the cloth was too damp and everything came off at once so I assumed there wasn’t any black there in the first place., but quite obviously I was wrong! The one on the right is an image on fabric that is dyed with red ink and it turned out slightly better as I was more conscious of not removing the image, but there are patches where it still came off. I also dont think the paper has come off very well in places because I was too worried that trying to remove it would remove everything. Although I enjoyed the process, I think I would need much more practise doing this before they looked at all presentable and so i dont think I’m going to use this technique in my project.

These are the image transfers using a solvent to copy an image onto another surface. I quite like how these turned out, they remind me of old fading photographs. You can see the variation between them depending how much solvent you use. I like that the second one looks blurred, like its showing the movement of him walking. I would like to experiment with using this in my project, using the work of Niel Spiller.

This is the photo I worked from and I quite like the effect the solvent had on removing parts of the image. So I could maybe use both the original image and the transfer in my project. I will also use photocopying for my piece, and would maybe like to experiment with different surfaces, such as acetate.



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