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This is my final piece for my Neil Spiller inspired work. It was made from printed and scanned images of his work that I then made into an architectural 3D final piece and photographed using different coloured filters. I then manipulated four of these photographs in Photoshop to get the finished outcome. In Photoshop I used a number of different filters. All of them have been given a gradient and have been distorted using the Spherize too and I have adjusted the lighting of them as well. I like how this gives them a dream like effect and makes you feel almost like you’re standing in them; I think this matches the abstract aspect of Spiller’s own work. To give each of them a slight variation other than just in colour, I have added different effects to each using tools such as Difference Clouds, Noise and Fibres.

DSCF0189 DSCF0190 DSCF0191 DSCF0192 DSCF0264 DSCF0265 DSCF0266 DSCF0267

These are the photographs I took of my Neil Spiller inspired work. In my work I have utilised reprographic techniques by scanning images of his work and printing them off. Because I have used images printing from different printers that vary in quality, I think it has given my work a nice variation of textures. When I photographed my piece, I used different coloured filters to achieve a variation of looks. For my final piece, I think I am going to create four different pieces that will be presented on a1 paper and manipulate them using effects in photoshop.


Here are pictures of my Niel Spiller inspired work. The first photograph is the one I started working on at college and comes from the third idea in my last post. I liked how it was going to look but I struggled with making a column in the middle and when I experimented with adding little pieces to it, like the circles, or the spikes hanging from the first platform, it didnt look at good as I had hoped. I was planning to add acetate to the back and I think that it would have photographed well, but as I was finding the design difficult to make, I decided to start on a new design at home. It is inspired by my second idea in my last post. I have included a sort of column in this one, but because it was so much smaller, it made it much easier to make as it meant it was also sturdier. I would say this one is slightly less abstract, as there are obvious hints at a building here. At college, I took some test shots using some coloured filters. I thought the photographs came out well, but decided to add some windows (not photographed here) into my design so that some light could flood in.