Niel Spiller Work


Here are pictures of my Niel Spiller inspired work. The first photograph is the one I started working on at college and comes from the third idea in my last post. I liked how it was going to look but I struggled with making a column in the middle and when I experimented with adding little pieces to it, like the circles, or the spikes hanging from the first platform, it didnt look at good as I had hoped. I was planning to add acetate to the back and I think that it would have photographed well, but as I was finding the design difficult to make, I decided to start on a new design at home. It is inspired by my second idea in my last post. I have included a sort of column in this one, but because it was so much smaller, it made it much easier to make as it meant it was also sturdier. I would say this one is slightly less abstract, as there are obvious hints at a building here. At college, I took some test shots using some coloured filters. I thought the photographs came out well, but decided to add some windows (not photographed here) into my design so that some light could flood in.


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